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When I came across this article and others like it, It got me thinking that this is a real problem.  Mice are terrible when they get into your home.  It is extremely hard to get rid of the little pests.  I know of people who have cats and don't have mice problems, but for those out there that are not cat lovers or have alergies there are other options avaialbe in Edmonton.  



Mice invading Edmonton 




cat mouse
Beamer, a domestic short hair mixed breed plays a little game of cat and mouse.

Mice are invading Edmonton homes as temperatures cool.

Amin Poonja, owner and manager of EcoPest, says reports of mice always ramp up in fall and winter, but this year has been worse than 2012.

He says the number of mouse calls to his pest control company has increased significantly in the past two months.

"Last year we had a bit of a decline, but I think they're coming back again," Poonja said.

He suspects the city's continued outward growth is part of the reason for the increase.

"As more construction goes on, the mice in the area are being dispersed , so they're all coming into the city areas," he said.

"People build houses and deck areas, and those provide good harbour areas for mice."

Poonja suggests residents pack their garbage properly, don't leave pet food outside, and put a tray underneath bird feeders to capture falling seeds -80% of bird seed typically ends up on the ground, he said, and

can attract rodents. He also warned holes fit for mice could be created when workers install things like cable, gas lines, electrical lines and air conditioner units. It's important to plug those holes, he says, because when mice get in, it's not easy to get them out.

"Once they get into your house, you're a target for the rest of your life," he said.

"Because you might get rid of that mouse, but they leave pheromone trails, and all the mice in the vicinity follow those trails."




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(NC)It might not be covered, so is your business at risk?


As a small business owner, you've likely poured so much of your heart and soul into your business that it almost seems like another member of your family. It's your livelihood, and it's your passion.


“Many people who work from home would receive some coverage from a standard home policy, but it's wise to make sure your business is fully protected,” says Ryan Michel, senior vice president and chief risk officer for Allstate Canada. “Having the right insurance coverage can be the key to your continued success, so you can keep focused on your business goals and not have to worry about whether or not you're fully protected.”

Here are some key things to consider when insuring your small business:


Property coverage: What if a fire damaged your business assets, tools and supplies? Some home insurance policies typically offer only limited coverage or in some cases, no coverage for business-related property.


Contents insurance: Some insurers cover up to a certain amount of home office equipment, but be aware that you may need additional coverage for certain items like computers.


Liability Coverage: No matter how careful you are, you may find yourself in a situation that could result in a lawsuit against you and your business. Make sure you have general liability insurance, which covers injury to clients or staff on the premises of your business. You'll also need professional liability to protect you against errors, omissions or negligence that may occur when performing professional services.


Business interruption insurance: If an incident results in the need to shut down your business temporarily, this insurance covers loss of earnings during that period. 


Employee coverage: Depending on the number of employees you have, as well as other factors, there may be additional insurance considerations to protect you in case a former employee files a groundless claim against your company.


Vehicle insurance: Do you use your car as a business vehicle? Are there additional drivers? That could affect your premium.


Critical illness insurance: This needs to be considered in case you (the owner) are diagnosed with a critical illness that affects your ability to run your business.


Data compromise insurance: You've implemented all the security measures you can to safeguard your data. This policy covers the legal and other costs that could arise in the event of a data breach.

In addition to the coverage described above, there may be even more business insurance options to consider. Allstate Canada recommends you speak with your insurance agent to help determine the best way to protect your small business and your home.


To assess your business insurance needs, speak to your insurance agent, or get more information online at www.allstate.ca.





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(NC) If eye-catching colour is turning your head in décor showrooms these days, you'll be pleased to know that the sheer beauty of a post-modern kitchen sink can indeed be coupled with the toughest surface.

A hot topic in 2014, for example, is a superstar material for sinks called,'silgranit', which has been gaining a lot of popularity in recent years. This is a rock-solid composite, made in Canada, engineered in Germany – and Toronto is one of only two silgranit production facilities in the world.

“Silgranit is a patented material that combines 80 per cent natural granite stone with a premium, acrylic-resin formula to give the sink unsurpassed hardness, strength and durability,” says Edyta Drutis at Blanco Canada, an innovator in kitchen art technology.


These sinks, she points out, are non-porous for exceptional hygiene and easy care. They are also scratch-, chip- and stain-resistant, and they are strong enough to withstand the heat of saucepans straight from the stove – and tough enough to let you cut food right on the surface.


“If you're looking for a beautiful kitchen feature that will never lose its brand new look and appeal, these sinks will give you a lifetime of pride,” Drutis continues. “The colours are cinder, anthracite, truffle, café, biscotti, and white, each one a non-fading, densely textured earth shade. Cinder, for example, is a velvety warm charcoal with a hint of brown. Anthracite is a beautiful black sink, dramatic but also serene. All of the colours are imbued with a mineral pearlescence to catch the light and each one is designed to complement the other décor features in your kitchen.”


Trend-setting models

The two most talked about silgranit sinks this year are first, the Blanco Precis Cascade, with a revolutionary bi-level bottom, and secondly, the Blanco Diamond Low Divide U 1 ¾, a functional double-bowl design.


The Diamond Low Divide U 1 ¾ model is one of a kind,” says Drutis. “Indeed, we say 'raise the bar in your kitchen by lowering your divide'. The main feature of the sink is a low partition in the large, double bowl. This partition gives you added room to fit large pots, pans, and trays, making clean-up much quicker and easier. In a busy kitchen, the Diamond Low Divide functions as a regular double-bowl sink – but is able to do so much more.”


The Blanco Precis Cascade is also a star performer this year, turning heads with its super-square modern bowl design, also with bi-level bottom.


“The lower level is designed to soak your pots and pans, while the raised level equipped with a mesh basket can function much like a second bowl, perfect for cutlery or glassware, or for washing fruit and vegetables,” Drutis explains. “Both sinks are exceptional examples of the silgranit innovation – and you can even get the faucets colour-matched with silgranit finishes. 


“Coloured faucets are striking when paired with the colour of your sink,” she continues. “And yet, if you think you might miss the usual gleaming finish on this fixture, take a look at the faucets with a split finish. This gives you the silgranit colour at the base and shiny chrome on the rest. Varying faucet styles are available including models with pull-down and pull-out features, dual spray function and a wide variety of designs to satisfy today's kitchen needs.”


Each faucet, like each Blanco sink, is an achievement of German engineering and sophisticated styling – and with the solid brass construction, says Drutis, they are built to last a lifetime.


More information is available online at www.blancocanada.com.


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City growth boosts total value of real estate sales 14%

Edmonton, September 3, 2014: The City of Edmonton has grown by over 60,000 people in the past two years according to the recent municipal census. Surrounding communities are also growing because of the strength of the Alberta economy. The pressure on housing is forcing real estate prices and sales volumes up and shortening the time it takes to sell a home, according to the REALTORS® Association of Edmonton.


The total value of residential real estate sales through the Edmonton Multiple Listing Service (MLS®) System has increased almost 14% compared to the same time last year. Over $5.7 billion worth of homes have been sold compared to $5.0 billion last year at the end of August. New arrivals to Edmonton have pushed the number of homes sold so far this year up from 13,377 to 14,858; an 11% increase. Average days on market was just 49 days in August compared to 53 last year.


“Our members are kept busy finding and selling homes for our clients,” said REALTORS® Association President Greg Steele. “There has been some pressure this summer with a tight inventory of available homes and lots of new customers but low interest rates and new construction are enabling people to find a suitable home in the Edmonton area.”  


The average price for a single family dwelling (SFD) in the Edmonton CMA in August was $435,430 (up 1.9% over July) and condos sold on average for $262,273; a 3.1% increase. Duplex/row house prices were down 2.7% to $349,590 which limited the average all-residential sales price to a 2.0% increase at $368,597 in August compared to July.

In the last half of the summer, residential sales were down compared to July from 1,999 to 1,552 units. Single family sales were down 15.4%, condo sales were down 20.8% and duplex/rowhouse sales were down 11.8% in the month. Total sales were down 6.0% when compared to August 2013.


“We move into the fall with 5,334 residential properties in the inventory and a vibrant market,” said Steele. “Homebuyers and sellers are encouraged to work closely with a REALTOR® to find a suitable home in their preferred neighbourhood and price range.”


The number of homes listed for sale in August was 4.2% higher than the same month last year. The sales-to-listing ratio was 67%: slower than the 75% last August.



Highlights of MLS® System activity (for all-residential sales in Edmonton CMA1)

August 2014


M/M % Change

Y/Y % Change

SFD2 average3 selling price – month




SFD median4 selling price – month




Condominium average selling price




Condominium median selling price




All-residential5 average selling price




All-residential median selling price




# residential listings this month




# residential sales this month (reported)




# residential inventory at month end




# Total6 MLS® System sales this month




$ Total value MLS® System residential sales - month

$647 million



$ Total value MLS® System sales – month

$751 million



$ Total value MLS® System sales – YTD

$6.7 billion




1 Census Metropolitan Area (Edmonton and surrounding municipalities)
2 Single Family Dwelling
3 The total value of sales in a category divided by the number of properties sold
4 The middle figure in a list of all sales prices
5 Residential includes SFD, condos and duplex/row houses.
6 Includes residential, rural and commercial sales


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(NC) It comes as no surprise that Canadians are living in smaller spaces. As national real estate prices continue to rise, our homes have been decreasing in square footage. However, there is no need to sacrifice style when living in tighter quarters. Sharon Grech, a colour and design expert at Benjamin Moore, offers her easy tips on making the most of your smaller space this fall:


Pick a Colour Scheme

Choosing one harmonious colour palette helps to pull a small space together because it allows the eye to travel without distraction. Grech recommends combining Pashmina AF-100, Boudoir AF-190 and Sonnet AF-55 all from the Affinity Colours Collection, a palette of harmonious hues from Benjamin Moore. “These colours capture the light and offer a beautiful depth and richness, which is perfect for smaller spaces,” she says. “Best of all, this colour collection is only made with our Aura paint, a formula that is recognized by insiders for its beauty and durability.”


Form & Function

Use your creativity to make the most of a humble abode. A bed with room for underneath storage is critical when faced with limited closet space. A vintage trunk in the living room holds stacks of books and doubles as a placeholder for drinks and appetizers when guests arrive. A foldable screen, like the one pictured, acts as a divider between the living room and kitchen, giving the appearance and privacy of two separate rooms within one central area.


More information is available at www.BenjaminMoore.ca.


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