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Are you Moving into Edmonton or just moving from your previous home to a new home?  There are many imortant things to remember when making that move.  I have broken that down for you on what you need to do from week to week as you count down to moving day.

6 Weeks Before You Move

Call early for moving estimates. If you can select a move date that isn’t the end or the beginning of the month, lead time is usually shorter and some movers offer discounts.More...


•  Inventory all household items to be moved, and start packing NOW! Packing a box or

two a day can eliminate the stress of rushing near moving day.


•  Remove all items from basement, storage sheds, attics, and plan a garage sale or

charity donation for all items you don’t want to move.


•  Start using things up that you can’t move, like cleaning supplies and frozen foods.


•  Discuss tax-related moving expenses, liabilities, and deductions with your tax



•  Make a list of all people/organizations to contact about change of address.


•  Complete postal service change of address forms and mail them to all applicable

publications, store and organizations.


•  Get copies or arrange for transfer at both ends of move for school, medical, dental,

veterinary, legal, and accounting records.


•  Contact insurance agents to transfer or cancel coverage.


•  If it’s a company move, check with your employer to find out what moving expenses

are covered.


•  Get an itemized list of all moving related costs and review with your mover. Including

packing, loading, special charges, insurance, vehicle (if needed).


•  Contact all current and new location utility companies (gas, water, electric, cable TV,

phone and trash collection) to set/disconnect dates. Remember to keep current

utilities hooked up until move day.


•  Don’t forget about your pets and plants


•  Move you’re valuable to a safe deposit box to prevent loss during move.


•  Get packing materials/boxes and pack items you won’t need for the next month.

Note: You can rent or buy all sizes of moving boxes.


•  If professional mover is packing your goods, schedule packing day(s) 1 or 2 days

before move.


•  Prepare any mowers, snow blowers, boats, snowmobiles (or other vehicles you won’t

be using before the move) for the move by servicing and draining gas and oil, to

prevent a moving van fire.

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